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Meet Cory Connor

I firmly believe authenticity is the foundation of every good personality--including the personality of your space. If an updated, fresh space is what you crave, I've got the goods.

That said, I don't create designs based on trends that will look outdated in five years. Instead, I focus on making sure your home brings out the best in you-because that never goes out of style. Your home should instill confidence in you whether you're hosting a party or seeking solitude and should work with your family's lifestyle, not against it.

Are you ready to update your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or office space? I work with homeowners and business owners to create spaces they've only dreamed about on Pinterest. Old and new, vintage and modern, farmhouse and eclectic-you name it, I've designed it.

...but here is the one thing that you probably don't know yet: Interior design projects require you to make hundreds of decisions. I reduce those decisions by multiples so that you don't feel overwhelmed or bewildered (because no one has that on their bucket list).

The only thing overwhelming about my design projects is the beauty that will take your breath away.